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Traffic manager in the Netherlands


A job as traffic manager in the Netherlands. Less congestion, more safety

Written by Rick Mulders

The Netherlands is a country with a lot of busy roads and a lot of cars. Sometimes there will be circumstances in which the standard situation, such as an intersection or a side street in a certain area becomes temporarily insufficient. Due to an accident, road block or malfunction of traffic lights, for example. In those cases, traffic controllers will help to let traffic run smoothly again. The job of a traffic controller requires skill and proper organisation. To become a traffic controller in the Netherlands, you must complete a professional education. Opleiding Verkeersregelaar offers this training and other training that can help you become a professional traffic manager. We are the most well-known educational institute in the Netherlands offering traffic manager training, with a graduation percentage of 99%.

After finishing the theory module with an exam, we will start the practical element. These informative practical lessons will take place on the public road, which provides a proper sense of reality. Once you are fully prepared for a job as a traffic controller, you can apply for the exam. During the exam, you will be asked to control traffic at a certain intersection for about 15 minutes, all by yourself. The instructor will pay attention to points like your position, insight and performance. Once you successfully complete this exam, we will give you your certificate.

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What will we teach you during the traffic manager training

As soon as you have successfully completed the theory exam, you can start the practical element. This educational module will take place mostly on the public road, making this part of the training especially realistic and informative. A lot of our trainees see this practical element as the highlight of the training: “By being in realistic situations during the practical training, you really learn the most!”. As soon as you finish this exciting module, you can apply for a traffic controller exam. During this exam, the examinee will have to control traffic on an intersection all by themselves for about 15 minutes. For this exam, the instructor will evaluate you with an evaluation form, focussing on your position, instructions, insight and performance. Once you have successfully completed the exam you will receive a certificate, and you will be able to call yourself a traffic controller.

What will you learn during the traffic manager theoretical training
  • Act RVV WVW1994 BABW CROW publication traffic controller at work
  • Feedback methodologies and strategies 
  • Clothing and personal protective equipment
  • Insight into traffic motor functions
  • And much more, during this traffic controller theoretical training of 7 hours
What will you learn during the traffic controller practical training
  • Lane by lane scheme
  • Multiple lanes on one intersection
  • Basic alternating scheme
  • Basic communication at work

Our training stands out because of our personal approach. Each trainee is treated like an individual, to be trained by committed and passionate traffic controllers. You will be trained by professional traffic controllers with the right service, flair and hospitality. They are very capable of bringing out all your best qualities, and they have great people skills.


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